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New secrets found in Vinnie's Tomb Chapter Two

Eighteen years after the release of Vinnie's Tomb Chapter Two, I am excited to announce that several new secrets have been discovered in this underrated game, including one that adds to the series' lore!
First of all, here are some new cheat codes that makes it much easier to complete the game. All pass codes in bold are entered in the Pass Code terminal of the relevant maze.

CHEATWINS: Gain one key in Maze One, and unlimited keys and explosives in Maze Three, allowing you to skip to the end of both mazes
MAXENERGY: Gain max energy in Maze Three
WEBBOYBOY (a reference to Scott Soroko): Unlock the hidden passage in the green room in Maze Three, allowing you to bypass the boring 123456 puzzle
At the fifteen numbers moving puzzle in Maze One, quadruple click Vinnie and then click the small button in the top right corner to automatically solve the puzzle
As if all those cheats weren't enough, allowing you to skip large segments of the game easily, there's one final pass code that can be entered in Maze Three:

I will leave it to you, dear Tombster, to try this out yourself (remember that you can use the pass code XASTXEVEX to skip directly to Maze Three). I will tell you that like Roberta Fibbs's notebook, it gives you information about Vinnie's Tomb and the Sinister Zebra Committee which was probably intended as setting up the events of Vinnie's Tomb Chapter Three.
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As we all know, the website of Reldni Productions was available at It was last updated with screenshots from Vinnie's Tomb Chapter Three while it was under development in 2000. After that, the website remained up, with no subsequent updates, until it went down in 2004. After that, the domain name was owned by cybersquatters up until I created this wiki in early 2015.
As luck would have it, the domain name was released some time in the prior months, and I have just purchased it! A break-through in Reldni archeology.
My current plan is to re-create the old and add a header with a link to this wiki. If you have any input, please let me know.
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